Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nvidia sucks.

I rant a lot.  You've probably noticed.  But this shit is anoying.

Just reformatted my computer
installed the latest drivers and what not
and everytime I start it up it goes into power save mode.
on occasions it will show the bsod that says nv4_disp.dll has entered an infinite loop or something.
Used the computer in safe mode and no problems so i knew it had nothing to do with it overheating
Dust isnt the problem
So i uninstalled the driver and everything is back to normal except i cant play minecraft n shit.
the problem is in the driver so if anyone can think of a fix that would be awesome.


  1. Good luck, let us know how every thing turns out. I'll be checkin back for an update.

  2. I've had troubles with them before too. Never figured it out, just changed the card. Sorry.

  3. so I'm assuming that you're an ATI guy?

  4. fullowin 'n' suppin :)


  5. nvidia is in deep shit right now

    amd 6800 series is coming out so its even worse for them

    amd has 90% of DX11 market